Looking Back At The Simpsons Tapped Out

Looking Back At The Simpsons Tapped Out

This may sound a strange thing to talk about as The Simpsons Tapped Out is very much still a thing and I do not normally talk about mobile games. However, today I thought I would talk about the one mobile game that won me over, but then made me turn my back on the genre.

I love The Simpsons. I have been down since the series’ first launched and it is still something that I enjoy to this day. When it comes to Simpson video games there have been far more misses than hits, but there is a real lack of Simpsons games since The Simpsons Game which was released around the time of the movie. The reason for that is The Simpsons Tapped Out.

First released in 2012, I had gotten a shiny new iPad 3 that summer and was really into downloading “free” games for it. One game I was very excited to play was The Simpsons Tapped Out. In case you do not know The Simpsons Tapped Out is a free to play game where you build your own Springfield. You need to do missions, play out the story and try and earn cool stuff and characters for your town. If you like The Simpsons, you will get a real kick out of the fan service here.

I was hooked on this game. I would wake up every morning and set about my challenges. Some of these would take as long as 24 hours to complete! But when it was done you would get money XP and so on that, you could then use to get more stuff for your town. It was incredibly addicting!

Even more so when they had an event like the Halloween event or the Whacking Day event. I would find myself checking my iPad multiple times per day to take part in these events. The events always got you exclusive loot for your town, but they required a ton of work from you and once those events were done you could no longer get that loot!

I was having fun with The Simpsons Tapped Out. However, the grind started to get worse and worse. Sometimes you would have to wait forever for a building to build and some of the challenges started to become like a part time job keeping up with them. However, they did allow you to buy “Donuts”. Donuts are the in game currency you buy for real money to make things build quicker or you just buy them outright.

This is where I decided that this model of gaming was not for me. In a moment of desperation, I went to the store to buy Donuts. I was disgusted with what I saw. You could pay £70 (I am from the UK) for their largest amount of donuts and this still would not be enough to get all the content in the game! How can they charge you £70 and not give you access to everything in the game? This was my first real experience with the world of freemium games and I did not like what I saw. I decided I was out and that was the end of me and The Simpsons Tapped Out.

The thing is I love the idea of The Simpsons Tapped Out. A Sim City/Theme Park style game set in Springfield would be something I would happily pay full price for at retail, but not in the manner they are asking. But hey, it is still popular so what the heck do I know?

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