Looking Back At Street Fighter The Movie

Looking Back At Street Fighter The Movie

Capcom just recently showed off that their upcoming crossover Street Fighter V costume is going to be Captain Commando for Nash. It looks pretty cool and to get it you are going to have to take part in various challenges over the course of a month.

Anyway, I have been a Street Fighter fan since I got Street Fighter II for the SNES for Christmas back in 1992. I would gobble up anything that had to do with Street Fighter. While there is a ton of Street Fighter merch out there these days, when I was a kid the only things I remember having were a board game and a few of the terrible looking GI Joe style Street Fighter figures.

There was one Street Fighter event though that was a real stand out moment of my high school days and that is Street Fighter The Movie. Back in 1994, Jean Claude Van Damme was my hero, Blood Sport, Kickboxer, Double Impact and Death Warrant were movies I watched over and over again. Reading in a video game magazine that he was going to be the star of a Street Fighter movie was the coolest thing that I ever heard.

It was all I and my friends talked about and when it came time to go and see it, we could not wait. The movie got horrible, horrible reviews…… but we did not care to our 13/14 year old minds, Street Fighter The Movie was the biggest movie of 1994. Forget Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, and the Shawshank Redemption…. Street Fighter The Movie was where it was at!

Watching the movie now as an adult, I can admit it is not all that great, but it is a movie that I still find really fun. The only thing back then and even now that I did not like was the way they portrayed Ken and Ryu, especially Ken as he was my character in Street Fighter II. Apart from that, I thought the rest of the movie was really cool.

As well as the movie, Capcom released Street Fighter The Movie The Video Game. There was a version in arcades, but the one I played was on the Sony PlayStation and it was fantastic. It played just like a Street Fighter game should and had digitized actors from the movie as the characters. I played the hell out of that game and I honestly feel that it is one of the more underrated games in the Street Fighter series.

There has been another couple of live action Street Fighter movies in more recent years, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was not the best movie I had ever seen, but at the same time it was not as bad as people made out. There was also a movie called, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist which I saw on Netflix, which was not a bad movie, but at well over two hours it lasted way too long.

I know that the done thing is to make fun of Street Fighter The Movie, but it will always be a movie that I remember fondly, the game as well. So while you are waiting to get that awesome new Captain Commando skin in Street Fighter V, take a little time to go and watch Street Fighter The Movie. 

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