Looking At The Nintendo Switch Online Service

Looking At The Nintendo Switch Online Service

The Nintendo Switch in its first year and a half has been a fantastic console. It has a great library of games and I have spent hundreds of hours with it and I could not be any more happy with what Nintendo has done. We are getting closer and closer to Nintendo releasing their online service and even though it is cheap I am not sure it is for me.  

Let me start by saying that 20 bucks for a year is a great value and I wish PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live were that cheap. However, I will counter this by saying that you get way more value for your money with those other services than what Nintendo is planning on offering. 

So far we know that this service will be required if you want to play games online. I have to be honest and say that as much as I love the Nintendo Switch, I can easily live without playing Mario Kart 8 online. We also know that they are going to give us access to classic games and the first batch is a bunch of NES games. Games that collectors have owned for years, games that people who have had access to Nintendo’s past virtual console service have had for years and in general it is nothing to get excited about.  

Hell, you can get an NES Classic and play these. But they have online!!!! Is what I can hear you say, but again I really do not think being able to play a few NES games online is worth the price of admission, especially when Sony and Microsoft already have their hooks in so many of us.  

People are excited that you can use this new service as a way to back up your save data as currently there is no way to do this. So I can see some people getting this service purely for that and if there is anything that is going to make me pay for this it is the cloud saves. 

I love Nintendo and I love the Switch, but I see nothing at all to get excited about with their Nintendo Switch Online service. I have looked over and over at what it is offering and 20 bucks for 20 NES games is not a bad deal, but if you are not bothered about playing Switch games online then I do not see it as a worthwhile purchase. 

Xbox and PlayStation give you free games each month, some of which are AAA titles so it is hard to be blown away by NES games that I already own. But if you do not own these or have never played them (which if you are a Nintendo fan I kind of find hard to believe) I can kind of see the appeal. 

This is the first time Nintendo has done something like this so I am sure their service will expand. For the rollout of it though, I am standing back and watching to see what happens before I jump in. 

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