Last Year: The Nightmare Is Out Now!

Last Year: The Nightmare Is Out Now!

Today I want to talk about a really cool game that a buddy of mine got for me, Last Year The Nightmare.

I had not actually heard of this game before it was released (which was just yesterday as I write this) but man I wish I had as I would have been so hyped up for this game. The idea of the game is that it is a six player game. Five of the players are playing as high school students and the other player gets to play as a killer!

The game is also set in the 90s which is really cool. These high school kids find themselves trapped in a messed up version of their high school, which is bad enough, but it is even worse when a deranged killer is after them.

Each character is a different class, you have the jock, the nerd, the popular girl, the cool guy, and the geeky weird girl. You need to work together as a team to complete objectives so that you can get out of this situation alive. The objectives are fun to do and as well as this you will need to scavenge for items so that you can make weapons, items, and traps to try and keep the killer at bay.

The player who gets to play as the killer has some supernatural abilities. Predator mode lets you move around the map undetected. You can use this to set up an attack, mess with the high school kids and figure out a way to take them all down. The strangler gets to sneak around and use a chain to take the high school kids down. The Slasher does exactly what you would expect, slashes at them with an ax. The Giant is a monster of a dude who can break down walls and prefers to get up close and personal when it comes to killing.

Last Year The Nightmare is a blast to play and in many ways, this is what Friday the 13th the game should have been like. You will have a great time with this, especially if you know the people you are playing with. Currently, it is only on PC, but it is hopefully going to come to console at some point.

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