Is Star Wars Battlefront Why COD WWII Is Delaying Microtransactions?

Is Star Wars Battlefront Why COD WWII Is Delaying Microtransactions?

I will admit that despite the negative backlash to Star Wars Battlefront II, I had had a lot of fun with the game so far. But the fact of the matter is, EA had to do some major backtracking to make people happy and to be honest with you, I feel that they are going to be doing more when the game is fully released on Friday!

But there is one company that I feel has an eye on this and that is Activision. You see Call Of Duty WWII was going to introduce its Microtransactions into the game in the next couple of days. These Call Of Duty Point might actually be something that you already have if you took part in the beta, but you will have to wait a little longer to use them as Activision have come out and said that their Call Of Duty WWII Microtransactions will not be introduced until the 21st of November at the earliest…. A few days after the full launch of Star Wars Battlefront II!!

Now call me cynical, but I have a feeling that there is no technical reason for this at all. I have a feeling that the reason Activision are delaying this is because Star Wars Battlefront II makes it seem like us gamers have had enough of being asked to pay an extra buck here, two bucks there after we have already paid 60 or more for the game in the first place! People are really mad over the progression in Battlefront II, which before it was changed, required hours and hours of gameplay to unlock things or of course spending real money.

Activision clearly does not want to be caught up in any microtransaction drama, especially as people have been loving Call Of Duty WWII. So I have a feeling they are going to wait until the full launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, see how people react and then decide what they are going to do with their microtransactions.

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