Is Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Is Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Let me start this by saying that the amount of hours I put into Skyrim on Xbox 360 was crazy! I even put a ton of time into the PlayStation 4 version last year and yes for the third time, Bethesda has gotten me to open up my wallet and buy the same game! First of all, as well as including the base game, you are getting the major expansions such as Dragonborn and Dawnguard so Skyrim which is a huge game in its own right is even bigger. The expansions are actually a lot of fun and if you get into the lore of Skyrim, you will just eat it all up.

As well as including the expansion, the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim has some other extras. If you have the Link Amiibo, you can get some awesome Legend Of Zelda loot which I got a real kick out of. Also, they have included motion controls for things like sword fighting and using a bow and arrow. These motion controls work great with the Joy Cons, but as I use the Pro Controller, I doubt I will use them much at all, but at least they work.

That brings me to my main issue with Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and that is the combat. I have spent hundreds of hours in the world of Skyrim and as much as I love the game, the combat is showing its age now and can feel rather clunky and awkward. This is not a problem with the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim, but the actual game itself. I am used to it as I have spent so much time with the game, but newer players may be a little taken aback at how clunky certain combat situations can feel.

Graphically, Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch looks great, sure there is a bit of pop in, but I love this world and honestly feel that there Nintendo Switch version looks fantastic. So far I have been impressed with the graphical power of the Switch and while not as pretty as the PlayStation 4 version, having a game world like this in the palm of your hand is cool.

So the big question is, is Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch worth it? Well, I do like how it has all the expansions and there is a ton of gameplay here, but the fact this is a full price release may be hard for some people to swallow. If you have never experienced Skyrim before, it is a no brainer to pick this up. If you have played Skyrim before, unless you are crazy like me, I would suggest maybe waiting for a price drop.

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