Is Call Of Duty Black Ops IV The Next COD Game?

Is Call Of Duty Black Ops IV The Next COD Game?

I have had an awesome time with Call Of Duty WWII, the Resistance Event is entering its final week as I write this and I have had a blast with it. Fun game modes, challenges that gave you good rewards and in general just a lot of fun. 

However, I like many of you guys have had my head turned by what is next in the Call Of Duty series. Treyarch are the people who are working on the next Call Of Duty game and we have known for a while that the next game in the COD series was going to have a more modern setting, that was no secret at all. 

More and more little Tweets, leaks and bits of information are being found that show that Call Of Duty 2018 could actually be Call Of Duty Black Ops IV. Call Of Duty Black Ops III was a huge success and even up until last year the game was being supported! This news has gotten the Call Of Duty community very excited as for many people, Call Of Duty Black Ops III had that perfect blend of being modern and a little futuristic, without going too far which is something a lot of folks felt Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare did. 

While I am very excited to get some concrete information about the next game in Call Of Duty series is. I think it is a bit of shame how so many people have had their attention taken away from what a fantastic game Call Of Duty WWII is. I have had a great time with the Resistance DLC on the PlayStation 4 and can tell you that you guys are in for a treat when it hits Xbox One and PC….. which I will also be in on as for some crazy reason I have this game for both PS4 and Xbox One! 

I would love to know if you guys are hopeful that the next COD game is going to be Call Of Duty Black Ops IV in the comments down below. 

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