How to create awesome Avatars for not so young gamers

How to create awesome Avatars for not so young gamers

Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Helo, Dota 2 and many more gamers are getting more followers and players than you really know. Some celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Mila Kunis and Megan Fox are among few of the famous figures that actually play those games. You might end up playing games with them without actually realising it! Why? Well, most of people in online gaming community don't really use their own name and picture! You might want to check with whom you have been playing so far. Wouldn’t it be great if we actually knew about it? Well, as sad as it can be, online gaming profile is not as open book as the social networks. Some of the players love to hide their identity in order to be able to enjoy the games to the fullest without getting buzz by people who wanted to know them or talk about how they ended up playing games with celebrity. In other words, online gaming world is another world where you can be completely another person without anyone realising the real you. Hence, making profiles for gamers can be really simple and yet so challenging - if you ended up becoming famous.

Loda, Puppey, MVP and MC are among the names of real people who actually become famous for playing online games. Most of them started out as players enjoying their own sweet time playing their favorite games such as Dota, World of Warcraft and many more. However, without them realising, their followers are growing and they get invites to join some of the most famous competitions that guaranteed huge amount of money for the winners. It also comes with a package of fame and getting contract with top gamers community. Team Liquid is one of the famous Dota team which is getting more and more winning from various competitions. All of the members did not use their own names and use nickname instead. Hence, getting a nickname is really crucial in making profiles for gamers. Remember to choose a simple yet great name. Catchy is a must. Do you know how catchy is Puppey?

Once you are done with choosing your name, it is time to choose your profile pictures. Worry not, you can always change your profile pictures and name as much as you can, though some online domain does not allow you to change your name. It depends on where you are playing or streaming your games. Most of online gamers do not use their real picture, they would use others, celebrity pictures or characters from their favorite gamers or simply logo. Some players also use the avatar of themselves which you can get from web tools such as Create A Cartoon of Yourself or Avatar Maker. It is free for usage and you can create as much as avatar that you want. As skills and how good you are at games are the most important factors in attracting followers and new friends, your profile picture doesn't have to be your own pictures. People might add you after being in the same game as you, thanks to your godlike skills or winning streaks. Who knows, you might already be friend with Megan Fox. It's all about luck.

Then, you should also show up your commands that you earned from your fellow friends or competitors in the game that you are playing. One of the way to get good command is by giving a good respond or feedbacks to the people you are playing with. Your skills will be determined based on the commands or feedbacks that you get. Writing your favorite movies or song lyrics would not really help here as online community for gamers only focused on games. People will judge you based on how good you are at playing the games not buy how long your About Me section is all about.

Those are the crucial factors in making profiles for gamers. Gamers profiles are not the same as the social network profiles. SOme gamers hide their identities to remain mystery and some would exposed it to get more followers and be comfortable on their own skin. They exposed their skills and not their private life. Therefore, do a great job in creating your online gaming profile!

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