How Mini Consoles Have Affected My Game Collecting

How Mini Consoles Have Affected My Game Collecting

I have been collecting video games since around 2003 now and I have always had a fun time doing it. Some years are more active than others, but the thrill of the hunt has always been something that I got a real kick out of.

I have noticed though that I have been becoming much more selective with what I have been buying. Part of this is that after all this time I have managed to get most of the games I actually wanted to get. Also, I only have so much space and I currently have boxes of games in the attic that cannot fit in my game room.

Also, there are these mini consoles that are really winning me over. I love my NES and my physical copy of Turtles in Time on SNES is one of my favorite things that I own. However, if I want to play Turtles in Time I am playing it on my SNES Classic and not on the actual SNES.

Getting retro consoles running on a modern HD TV is a pain in the butt, but these mini consoles make it so much easier. You can have a ton of games in one place and I actually like this. The funny thing is ten years ago I never dabbled in emulation, I wanted that physical copy and to play it on real hardware. These officially licensed mini consoles though are the best of both worlds.

I was at a gaming convention recently and bought just a couple of things, mainly for the box. As far as buying games to actually play I find myself not really bothering now. I have a feeling that my Sega Mega Drive is on the way out. You have to use Hulk-like strength to turn it on and the reset button no longer works either. I have a spare in the attic, but I have not connected it as I am waiting for the official Sega Mega Drive mini that Sega is bringing out in 2019.

While these mini consoles are not for everyone, I think they are great. My game room is the smallest room in the house and being able to have an NES, SNES, PS1 and soon a Mega Drive all on one shelf with space to spare is awesome!

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