Hammond Is Here!

Hammond Is Here!

The other day was brutal! I was patiently waiting for what felt like a lifetime for the new Overwatch hero, Wrecking Ball to show up! I like hamsters and I like tanks so Wrecking Ball seemed like the perfect character for me. 

I have managed to play quite a few games as Wrecking Ball, thankfully Blizzard knew that a lot of people would want to play as him and have made sure that Total Mayhem is one of the game modes in this week’s arcade. Let me tell you a game where everyone is Hammond is completely nuts! I mean that in the best way possible, it is just so much fun. 

I think describing the way that Wrecking Ball plays is pretty easy. My main is D.Va and I actually think if you have played quite a bit as D.Va then I think you will feel right at home with Hammond. The actual wrecking ball mechanic is something that I have not gotten completely to grips with, but when I did get it to work it was awesome. By the way, there is nothing wrong with this actual mechanic I just think it is the most challenging part of getting to grips with Wrecking Ball. I also think it is going to be what separates the good Wrecking Ball players from the bad. 

By the way, speaking of “Wrecking Ball” in my house we are calling him Hammond! I think that Hammond is a much better name, but also my son was a huge Skylanders fan and one of his favorite Skylanders was called Wrecking Ball. 

As well as adding in Hammond many characters were given a few changes. Bastion, McCree, Mei, Soldier 76, Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Sombra. I would probably put Sombra as my number 2 (although Hammond may steal that spot) so the fact you can stay invisible as long as you want is really cool and something that I feel is going to make playing as her even more fun. Hacking people is a blast with Sombra and being able to stay hidden longer is going to make that so much easier.  

The other character buffs are also quite significant and Blizzard have a full list of patch notes so be sure to check them out. 

I think this is a great update and I am looking forward to spending more time With Hammond and also having some fun with the new buffs that have been given to Sombra. I would love to know in the comments below what your thoughts on Hammond are and also if you are happy with any of the changes to the Overwatch heroes. 

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