Get Exclusive Ana Loot In Overwatch

Get Exclusive Ana Loot In Overwatch

I love Overwatch, but here is an event that completely came out of left field for me and took me by surprise.

Ana’s Bastet Challenge has been released as a tie into the comic that was released a few days ago. This challenge is very similar to the one that we had for D.Va last year.

If you win three games you get a new player icon. If you win 6 games you get a victory pose and if you win 9 games you get a really cool Ana Bastet skin.

There are also a collection of special Ana sprays that you can get. These are obtained by watching Overwatch steams on Twitch. You get the first spray for 2 hours of watching. You then get two for watching 4 hours and then the final two for 6 hours. I know that this seems like a lot, but I just put it on my tablet while I am gaming and do it that way.

The Ana Bastet Event is live right now and you have until the 21st of January to unlock all of the goodies. I think that getting the player icon, pose and skin is going to be very easy to do and you might as well go for it. Do not worry you do not get these items at the expense of your three weekly loot boxes that you can earn.

I managed to get the D.Va challenge done in just a couple of days, but I missed out on the sprays. This time though I am going to try and go for it all and I hope that you guys do too!

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