Forza Horizon 4 Is Shaken Not Stirred

Forza Horizon 4 Is Shaken Not Stirred

One game that I keep forgetting about that is nearly here is Forza Horizon 4. I think it is because the next few weeks are so packed with game releases. I love the Forza Horizon series. I am not a huge sim racing fan so the more arcade and fun style of the Forza Horizon series is always something I enjoy.

As you would expect Forza Horizon is going to have DLC….. most likely a whole lot of DLC. Well, one thing that is really cool is that the first DLC pack has been shown and it fits the British setting that Forza Horizon 4 has perfectly as it is all about Bond, James Bond!

The Forza Horizon 4 Best Of Bond pack features 10 classic Bond cars. 

The cars that you can drive are 

1964 James Bond Edition Aston Martin DB5

1969 James Bond Edition Aston Martin DBS

1974 James Bond Edition AMC Hornet X Hatchback

1977 James Bond Edition Lotus Esprit S1

1981 James Bond Edition Citroën 2CV6

1986 James Bond Edition Aston Martin V8

1999 James Bond Edition BMW Z8

2008 James Bond Edition Aston Martin DBS

2010 James Bond Edition Jaguar C-X75

2015 James Bond Edition Aston Martin DB10

That is a lot of cars for one DLC pack to have and I am planning on actually picking this pack up. I am a huge James Bond fan so this is something I will get a real kick out of. What I like about the car selection is that there is a great mix here. So no matter who your James Bond is, you will have a car to drive. 

One thing that is also really fun is that the cars will have all the Bond gadgets as well. Now you cannot use these when you are racing, but you can check them out when you are viewing the cars.

I really want to play Forza Horizon 4 when it is released in a few weeks and I am actually looking very forward to it. Forza Horizon 3 is a lot of fun so I cannot wait to see what this one brings to the table. I am actually from the UK so I am sure I will get a kick out of the different places to race in the game. 

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