Fortnite Blitz Mode Is Awesome!

Fortnite Blitz Mode Is Awesome!

I did not jump on Fortnite right away, but it has more than won me over. The latest timed event in the game is Blitz Mode and I have been having a blast with it. 

Never will I claim to be the best Fortnite player, as of writing I have still never won a game and my highest finish is 4th. However as little, as I care about winning overall in a regular game of Fortnite, that feeling is amplified in Blitz Mode.  

Blitz Mode is like Fortnite at super speed. The Storm Circle moves a lot quicker, it is already there from the start and the game gives you much better weapons overall. So far every time I have come across a weapon it has been of a high caliber. It also makes building much easier too…. Well if you are good at building that is. I suck at it, but from what my son tells me for builders, Blitz Mode is really good as you have more resources. 

The 15 minute time minute is very, very clever and I have a feeling this will be added permanently to the mobile version of Fortnite. It means you can jump on during your lunch break and have a quick game, or even a couple of quick games before you have to go back to work and you will still have time to eat your lunch. 

My only complaint about this mode is that you either have to play it solo or as part of a squad. I actually play Fortnite a lot with my son, with me on the PlayStation 4 in the living room and him in his bedroom so it is a bit disappointing we cannot play this mode together… well disappointing for me if I am honest as he tends to carry me most of the time, I am sure he is quite happy to not have to deal with me! 

Anyway, check out Fortnite Blitz Mode as it really is a lot of fun. 

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