Early Thoughts On Sea Of Thieves

Early Thoughts On Sea Of Thieves

I spent last night (after it took what felt like an age to install of course) and the early hours of the morning playing around 4 hours of Sea Of Thieves on Xbox One and I wanted to share my thoughts on what is one of if not the biggest Xbox One exclusive of 2018.

I on a whim only pre-ordered this last week as games that are all online without a real narrative are not usually something I am into, but this one looked so much fun and I felt that in a way it could be a game that I treated in the same way as Overwatch, plus I had a buddy who was harassing me nonstop to get it so that he had someone to play with.

So I fire up the game and I connect with my buddy and we head to a few islands, get some treasure and so on and we are playing the game at a rather leisurely pace. After one stop, we go back on the boat, he is steering, sailing, driving…. Whatever you call it and I am on lookout. So far we have seen no one else, but I can see another ship…. And it is hauling ass right behind us! 

What should we do? We stay and fight is what I said to my friend. Of course, as this was the first time we had played the game and we really did not know what we were doing, we got destroyed, but it was so much fun. And the way the game went from us leisurely exploring to white knuckle terror as that other ship came into view was incredibly well done. Of course, once we got killed, we decided that we wanted to be those kind of pirates too! So we headed out on the high seas looking for another ship to take down. 

It did not actually take all that long and we managed to somehow sneak up on them and do a ton of damage before they even knew what the heck was going on. We managed to kill them all and reap the rewards. It was so much fun, not only that we also had the panic of when they got off a really good shot and having to repair our own ship.

I have just scraped the top of the iceberg when it comes to what Sea Of Thieves offers. We did not manage to come across the Kraken yet and we lost far more encounters with other pirates than we won, but we had a blast. 

My only concern is I am not sure how much fun Sea Of Thieves will be to play on your own. However, I think for me at least this is going to be one of those games that I always make sure my buddy is online before I play.

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