EA And The Star Wars License

EA And The Star Wars License

There is big news floating around that EA has pulled the plug on yet another Star Wars game!

This one was going to be an open world style game made by their Vancouver studio and it sounded really cool. The development time was too long so they pulled the plug and said they wanted a quicker game and they wanted it in the next year or so.

EA and Star Wars has not exactly been the perfect match that I had hoped it would be. When they said they were bringing Battlefront back I was beyond excited. Now to be fair I have actually had a lot of fun with both the Star Wars Battlefront games.

The first one may have been a little lacking on content, but I found it fun and it set the foundation for what could have been a great franchise. Then came Star Wars Battlefront II.

The mess that the launch of this game was will be something that is talked about for decades. Much of the talk about if loot boxes are gambling and the government taking a closer look at things like loot boxes and Microtransactions are because of Star Wars Battlefront II. EA got far too greedy and they spoiled what is actually an excellent Star Wars game.

Star Wars Battlefront II once you get past all of the garbage they tried to pull is a fun Star Wars experience. It looks like a million bucks, the campaign is great and it has a ton of game modes. Unfortunately expecting people to play for 40 hours to unlock Darth Vader, having loot boxes that were just full of garbage and in general having no respect for their audience cost them greatly.

If I were a betting man I would bet that there is no way that Disney and EA are still together once their deal is up in a few years.

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