Defenders of the Realm VR

Defenders of the Realm VR

How can a VR game be considered as a great game? Is it beautiful pictures, or a unique playing method, or does it have to have a stunning story or a plot twist at the end? Based on the author’s many VR game experiences, what is needed is for the game to have its own unique and interesting elements for the players; in my opinion, "Defenders of the Realm VR" is exactly this type of game.

I was browsing on Steam and accidentally discovered this game, which showed up on Steam Greenlight. From the video this game looks like a lot of fun in the VR game world. It is a tower defense type VR game, in which the player needs to play as a lone hero with a mission to protect the territory from an enemy invasion.

In the game, there are a variety of traps for the players to use, the player needs to manipulate these different traps as defenses and through different combinations and varieties of them defend against the enemy. Amazingly, almost every player can form different patterns using their own combination of traps. One of the key things to praise about this game is that it uses a first person perspective to bring you into the VR, which allows players to experience the more shocking feelings of the game.

In leading tower defense type games it is not easy to play new levels, so the settings in "Defenders of the Realm VR" have been carefully thought through to increase the difficulty for the players. Almost all of the monsters in the game have their own unique characteristics; some have high-speed forward movement, which can throw players off-guard, some are strong and resilient and able to withstand most types of damage from the traps. Of course, these monsters have their own shortcomings too, such as those running fast are very fragile and can be killed with a headshot, and traps easily restrain the strong ones. Only smart players can perfectly place traps according to the local conditions, to kill all kinds of monsters.


As a VR game, the setting of "Defenders of the Realm VR" is perfect, and the game process is also very interesting. The player can control almost all changes to the environment, so the game experience is pretty flexible. If you like tower defense games, players should go now to Greenlight to support them.

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