Crash Team Racing Remastered On The Way?

Crash Team Racing Remastered On The Way?

Activision had a huge hit on their hands with the Crash N-Sane Trilogy and it looks like they have not given up on bringing back some of their classics as it looks like a new Crash Team Racing is one the way.

Ok, so it might not be new as the rumors are stating that this will be Crash Team Racing Remastered. The first Crash Team Racing game on the original PlayStation was awesome. It was more like Diddy Kong Racing than it was Mario Kart 64 and it is the best kart racer on the PlayStation.

There were some follow-ups, Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing. Both of which were “ok” but they never lived up to the awesomeness of the first Crash Team Racing. What has set this into overdrive is that Hollie Bennet who is a presenter of PlayStation Access got some fluffy Crash style dice in the mail along with a message that read "Sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12”.

While there are many rumors this time of year when the Game Awards are happening, this one here looks to be fully legit and it has gotten many people excited. Activision will be apparently officially announcing this in the coming days.

We live in a great era if you are a kart racing fan. We, of course, had Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released shortly after the Nintendo Switch was released. We have Sonic Team Racing out next year and now we also have a remaster of Crash Team Racing to look forward to. The fact that Crash Team Racing has an adventure mode in it is going to set it apart from the rest and if they can get the actual racing action down, this could be one of the biggest surprises and most fun games of next year.

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