Check Out The Overwatch Free Weekend!

Check Out The Overwatch Free Weekend!

It is no secret that I am a huge Overwatch fan as it seems so is most of the internet! I have been having a lot of fun with the Overwatch Year Of The Dog event. Anyway, I just learned that this weekend (the weekend of the 16th) that the folks at Blizzard are running another one of their popular free weekends. 

That means if you have never played Overwatch before, you can dip your toes in and see why it is so much fun. I played a ton on PlayStation 4, but once I got my Xbox One X, I moved to that platform and I think this weekend, I might see if my PC has what it takes to play Overwatch..

If you are a long time Overwatch player like myself, these free weekends are really good as it means there are more players online so you do not have to wait as long for a game and let me tell you as much as I love Overwatch, on the Xbox One it can take an age to find a game sometimes, even with something new like the Overwatch Year Of The Dog event! When there is an influx of new players though, you have more people on there so the waiting time is a lot shorter.  

One thing I will say to you new players is just to have fun with it. Overwatch is a game that many people take seriously, however, I will say that this is one of the most fun FPS communities out there so enjoy it. Test out the different characters and see which one fits you best. I would advise having a couple of characters that you like to play as in case the one you really like is taken. For me, it is D.Va, Sombra, Orisa and Soldier 76. If you have played an FPS before, but are new to Overwatch I would say that Soldier 76 is a good place to start.  

I hope some of you are going to give Overwatch a try this weekend so you can see why so many of us love it. Plus for us Overwatch vets, we have a lot more people to play with! 

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