Awesome New Game Mode, Hordepoint Bites Call Of Duty WWII!

Awesome New Game Mode, Hordepoint Bites Call Of Duty WWII!

I am a huge Call Of Duty fan and think that Sledgehammer Games gave us one of the best games in years in Call Of Duty WWII. The base package is great, but the DLC is awesome and the community events that they have done have been a blast. 

We are just starting the second week of the third community event, Attack Of The Dead and this week, Sledgehammer Games are giving us a new game mode to have some fun with, Hordepoint.

Hordepoint is fantastic! I have already played a ton of games and I suggest you do the same as it is a limited time event. The Attack Of The Dead community event ends at the end of June, but whether or not this mode is going to stick around for the rest of the event or be gone next week has not been stated.

So what the heck is Hordepoint? Well, it is like the classic Call Of Duty game mode, Hardpoint. This is a game mode where two teams fight for control of a point on the map. It is a fun game mode that can require a lot of strategy and teamwork to win.

Hordepoint is a new spin on Hardpoint. Two teams are still fighting to take control of a point, but the twist here is that the map is full of the undead! So as well as having to take down the enemy team, you also need to watch out for zombies. What is cool about this is that you can work out a strategy with your teammates, but the moment the zombies swarm on you, your plan goes out the window and you are just doing what you can to survive.

Let me tell you it is awesome when you come across an enemy player struggling with a bunch of zombies and you can just pick them off. However it is not quite as awesome when it happens to you, but it is still a lot of fun.

I have praised Call Of Duty WWII a ton since it was released and if you have not played the game for a while, I highly recommend you do as Hordepoint is a ton of fun. 

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