Ashe Is The Next Overwatch Hero!

Ashe Is The Next Overwatch Hero!

While many of us are still getting to grips with Wrecking Ball, the Overwatch team have been hard at work on the next Hero, Ashe!

Ashe is a gunslinger and she is here to show you, cowboys, how it is done. The trailer for Ashe is fantastic and it is very funny when she flat out punches McCree right in the face. This trailer sets the tone for what Ashe is all about. Ashe is all about having a great time gunslinging and she is sure to be a very popular character when she is fully released.

Her rifle is very interesting in that it works great at close and mid-range, but it also has sights so while the damage is not great, you can also use it as a bit of a sniper rifle which is cool and adds a lot of depth to the way you can play as her. She can throw dynamite and she can also use her rifle as a way to get out of dodge quickly which looks like it will be a very useful move.

Her Ultimate is one of the craziest the series has done yet. If you were expecting some kind of take on McCree’s Deadeye you could not be more wrong. Ashe can call in her robot bodyguard called Bob. Bob looks like some kind of super buff cowboy! When he is called in he can run in and throw enemies out of the way before settling into his role of a turret! What is cool about this is that he can actually capture a point and do other objectives so when used right he can be very dangerous.

Ashe looks like she is going to be tons of fun to play with and in the right hands, she could be a very devastating character.

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