Are You Buying An Xbox One X?

Are You Buying An Xbox One X?

So we know the details on the Xbox One X and the price (£449.99 here in the UK) and we have to start weighing up if we think it is value for money or if it is something we are just going to not bother with.

To start with, I love my Xbox One. I am still rocking an original Xbox One and I really do think it is a great console, with one of the greatest controllers I have ever had the pleasure to use. But with all its horsepower does the Xbox One X interest me enough to drop that kind of money on it?

The 4K aspect does interest me quite a lot. I bought a 4K TV recently and to be honest with you so far I really have not gotten the best out of it. I do have a PS4 and a Xbox One, but it looks like the Xbox One X is really going to try and cater more to people who have a 4K TV, but is this enough for me to spend that kind of money on a console I already kind of own? I do not actually think it is, I really do not think 4K is all the way here yet and not enough things are making use of it.

One thing that has got me interested in the Xbox One X is the horsepower! I do not have an allegiance to any console, but man my Xbox One feels a hell of a lot slower than my PlayStation 4. I am talking about loading up, installing games… especially in installing games and just in general performance. The Xbox One has a real sluggish kind of feel to it for me and as much as I love the console, I am more likely to buy a multi-platform game for the PS4 because of this. With the Xbox One X being super fast, I do think that this could be what makes me decide to open up the wallet, buy one and then hide the receipt from my wife!

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