Are Blizzard Taking Their Policing Of Overwatch Too Far?

Are Blizzard Taking Their Policing Of Overwatch Too Far?

Look, I love Overwatch and have been playing the game pretty much since launch (although my skills in the game may say otherwise) I often read about the toxic community this game has, but I have never really come across this and I play on both PS4 and Xbox One. However, clearly many people are harassed and abused as Blizzard felt the need to have a reporting system, which apparently has been a very good success in getting rid of players who cuss people out when they lose or just say mean stuff all the time.

I am all for this, if I have a spare hour to play a game, the last thing I want is to have to hit the mute button because of some jerk. I think the way that Blizzard let people report other players and then they look into it is good. However, I recently heard that Blizzard is taking this a step farther by using social media to track down toxic players. What caught my eye about this is that they are able to watch what you do on your social media and if they see something they do not like, they can ban you from Overwatch!

It is kind of like that movie Minority Report where they would bust people for crimes before they have even committed one! I am not saying that a person being a jerk on Facebook or YouTube is ok, but you cannot ban someone in Overwatch because they cussed at someone on YouTube in a situation that has nothing to do with Overwatch!

I get that the folks at Blizzard want us all to have a good time and keeping the jerks out of an online game is always a tough task. But I feel that the monitoring of Overwatch players social media and banning people based on that is a little bit extreme. I would love to know if you guys think that Blizzard is on the right track here or if you think that banning people based on their social media profiles is a little strong.

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