7 Things I Want From The Next Console Generation

7 Things I Want From The Next Console Generation

While I do not think the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will be released this year. I do think that at least one of them is going to be announced in some capacity. I think this has been a great console generation and I have played some truly awesome games. Today I am looking at some things that I want from the next generation of consoles.

Faster Installs!

Installing a game these days is brutal. I have high speed fiber optic broadband, but when a game has a huge on disc install and then a 10, 20 maybe even 50GB update to do on day one. You sometimes cannot even play your brand new game the day you buy it. When this generation started the Xbox One was so slow at installing games! Thankfully they improved it, but I would like to see game installs be something that is much quicker.

More Exclusives From Xbox

Sony has nailed it with exclusive games this console generation. They have had a strong mix of their established franchises as well as starting some new ones too. I think that exclusive games are something Xbox has struggled with and I really hope this is something they can work on. I love Gears of War and Halo, but I want more from the green team next time around!

Better Connectivity

I know that this sounds like I am picking on Xbox, but I swear I have never had as much trouble with a console disconnecting from the Wi-Fi or from party chart or a games server than I have the Xbox One S in my game room. What makes this extra frustrating is that I have an older Xbox One and this does not have this hassle! I really hope that the online infostructure for both companies is more reliable and not as prone to being down as it has been this console generation.

Affordable Controllers

While the cost of games has stabilized or even actually gone down. Controllers, on the other hand, have seen their prices skyrocket. The Nintendo Switch especially has overpriced controllers. I think that the Dual Shock 4 and the Xbox One controller are both fantastic and I would hate to see Sony and Microsoft try and remake the wheel when what they have already is great. Keep the controllers the way they are and pass those savings onto us gamers!

More Bang For Buck With Online Services

I have a feeling that in the next generation, Microsoft is going to go for the throat with their online service. Their Xbox Game Pass service is one of the best value for money deals gaming has seen in quite some time. I would love to see Xbox try and blend this with Xbox Live Gold as one service and have a price that falls halfway between the two. I really think this could be a game changer if Microsoft could offer Game Pass and Gold together for a low price.

No Limits On Pre-Owned Games

If Microsoft had their way before the Xbox One launched you have to wonder what the world of pre-owned games would look like right now. Thankfully us gamers stood up and said no to their restrictive plans for used games. I really hope that when it comes to pre-owned games the next console generation is not going to see any changes at all.

Quiet Please

I would like to see (well hear) consoles that are not trying to sound like a jet engine taking off. This is specifically an issue I have with the PlayStation 4. Why is this thing so loud? The sound that the fan makes when playing certain games (for me it was God of War and Spider-Man) is so bad that you are required to have your TV up loud. I have kids and tend to game when they are asleep so I am forced to use headphones is that I can hear the game without waking them up. The point I am making is that I would love for there to be better and quieter cooling systems in the next generation of game consoles.

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