7 Things I Miss About Gaming

7 Things I Miss About Gaming

Look this is not me saying games in the ’80s and ’90s are better than what we have now. I think we live in a real golden age of gaming in terms of the quality of some of the games that are being released. Still, there are somethings that were around in “the good ol’ days” that I do miss and these are 7 of them.

I Buy It Then I Play It

Back in the day, the longest wait was driving home with my parents before I could play the new game I just bought. These days you have to install a game and wait for an update that is sometimes larger than the game file that is on the disc! It is one of the most frustrating things about modern gaming for me that I cannot buy a game and play it instantly. The drive home, reading the manual was always something that I enjoyed.

Game Manuals

That takes me onto my next point game manuals! I know this is a cost cutting measure. However, I loved it when a game would come with a manual, especially a manual where the people making the game out some real effort into it. These days you get a warranty card and an advertisement for the games season pass and that is usually it if you are lucky. The era of the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox was the last that gave us some good manuals.

Time To Play

This is something I am sure many of you older gamers can relate to. Back when I was a kid I had nothing, but spare time to play video games. These days though I find that while I have more money in my pocket than I did in my school days, I do not have enough time to play all the of the games that I would like to!

Gaming Magazines

I used to love getting gaming magazines as a kid and there was no shortage of them. I think the PS1 and N64 era was they heyday for gaming magazines as there was a crazy amount of them on store shelves. The first gaming magazine I got into was called Crash and it was about ZX Spectrum games. Then I moved onto a magazine called Total which was a Nintendo magazine and then I moved onto GamesMaster, a magazine I would continue to get for over a decade. Gaming magazines are not what they once were and that is kind of sad.

Not Knowing Everything

Gaming magazines and the buzz on the playground were the only gaming news that I had to go on. Sometimes you would get one tiny little photo of an upcoming game with a couple of sentences of text and that was all you had to go on, especially if it was not a huge game that they could not give a lot of page space to. Gaming magazines would sometimes have huge features on games, but many other games would get very little press. These days you know everything about a game before it is even the month of its release. On one hand, it makes it easy for you to know if a game is really for you. However, I did love not knowing everything there is to know about a game before it was released. Actually, even these days if there is a game I know I want, Resident Evil 2, for example, I watch the first trailer and then I ignore any other news.


I used to have a ton of cheat books back in the day and I remember kids passing cheats around at school. Cheats were a big deal! You would get cheats that would do things like let you skip levels, make you invincible and so on. Even unlock everything a game has to offer…. These days some games have cheats, but not many. Some games (WWE 2K19 I am looking at you) take something that used to be a cheat, unlocking characters for example and ask you to pay for it!

Controllers Not Costing More Than A Game

The cost of official controllers form the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is just insane to me. Why are controller so expensive now???? And why do we just accept it???? This is one of the things I have a really hard time with. While it is not as bad now as some 3rd party companies have stepped in to make budget controllers for the systems. The price of official controllers is completely out of hand. When I was a kid the official controllers were much more fairly priced and they sure as hell did not cost the same or more than a new game.

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