7 Games I Purchased Based On Demo Discs

7 Games I Purchased Based On Demo Discs

This week I am doing something a little different and that is looking at demo discs. These were huge back in the PlayStation 1 days and I actually purchased many games after experiencing them on a demo disc for the first time. These are 7 games that I played on demo discs which made such a strong impression I bought the full game.

Destruction Derby

I got my PlayStation for my birthday in 1995 so I got the first version of the demo disc. One of the games on that demo disc was the original Destruction Derby. It was not just me that had fun with this demo, but my dad as well. He was hooked, as a result, the day after I got my PlayStation when he came home from work he also had Destruction Derby with him! We played the hell out of that game and probably never would have had me and my dad not experienced it on the demo disc first.

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 demo disc is one of the most famous of all time! It let you play as Leon in the opening part of the game and let you do as much as you could in a short time limit. Ok so full disclosure here, I was getting Resident Evil 2 no matter what, but playing the game during Christmas break of 1997 on this demo disc just made me want the game even more. It is one of the most memorable demo disc experiences that I have.


Did you know that Croc started its life out as a potential Yoshi game? While this may not be the greatest 3D platformer around. Croc is a game that I did purchase because of playing a one level demo that came on a demo disc. When Croc first came out I was way “too cool” to play games like this. So if I had not gotten this demo disc that had the first level on it, I would have missed out on what turned out to be a game that I really did enjoy.

Total NBA 96

This is one that was on the demo disc that I got with my original PlayStation back in 1995, but this was just a video, not an actual demo you could play. Still, I was a huge basketball fan back then and I was blown away. “It looks like we are watching the NBA on TV!” is what I yelled to my dad. This was a game that I was so excited to get and while I feel that the 1997 version is the better game. I have a lot of nostalgia for this one here. By the way, if you are thinking you have never heard of this that is because in the USA it is known as NBA Shootout, but in the UK where I grew up, it was called, Total NBA.


G-Police is one of those games that I would never in a million years have looked twice at. Then I got a demo disc with a PlayStation magazine and this was one of the featured games. This was a really immersive (well at the time it was) and I was a sucker for anything that made me feel like I was in the game so G-Police really won me over. I actually tried to play this again recently and found it had not aged all that gracefully. Still, when I played this demo, G-Police was a game that I had to get.

Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding

You know I was never into skateboarding. I had tried it, fallen off it and never gave it another thought. I had seen Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding in gaming magazines, but I could not have been any less interested. Then came the Official UK PlayStation Magazine that had it as one of that month's demos. I was blown away by this game and I was addicted to this demo. I saved like a maniac so I could get this game and now I would class the Tony Hawk series as one of my all time favorite and it all started with the demo.


This is a puzzle/shooting/multiplayer game where you take control of a pirate ship. It is a very basic game and I had no interest in boats or pirates as a teenager. However, I would always play the games that I got on a demo disc each month as my money was limited and it was something new to play. Overboard was a game that I just had so much fun with, so when I saw it in my local Solid Gold (it was a games store here in the UK, Scotland to be exact) I picked it up. Again this is a game that I would not have looked twice at in the store had it not been for that demo.

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