7 Games Based On Movies That Are Actually Good

7 Games Based On Movies That Are Actually Good

Look we all know that Goldeneye and Spider-Man 2 are the usual go to’s for a list like this. While the video game tie-in seems to be a thing of the past and most people think many of them were terrible (which to be fair a lot were) there were some that are far better than people realize and that is what I am sharing with you today. 7 games based on movies that are actually good!

Toy Story 3

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

This was released on a ton of stuff, but it is the PS3 and 360 versions that deserve special attention. Toy Story 3 is a truly fantastic game and one that I feel should be held in as high esteem as the 8 and 16 bit Disney games that everyone loves. It follows the events of the movie very well and it looks incredible. 

The gameplay is very tight and each level offers you something different. What makes Toy Story 3 so great though is the Toy Box Mode. This is an extra open world section of the game that is even more fun than the main game. It features a ton of things to do and collect and you can easily spend hours playing this mode. No matter how old you are, Toy Story 3 is a game that needs to be in your collection. 

Judge Dredd

Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo

Yes, this is the Judge Dredd that had Stallone in it, the one where he did not even have his helmet on for like 90 percent of the movie. Say what you want about that movie (as a kid I kind of liked it) but it did spawn a pretty damn fun game for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega Drive.

Sure Judge Dredd is not going to win any awards, but this side-scrolling platform/shooter game is far better than many people realize. Dredd has quite a lot of weapons at his disposal and the game actually looks and sounds really, really good. It is a very underrated side-scroller and one that is well worth playing. Especially as it can be picked up very cheaply. 

King Kong

Xbox 360

Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game Of The Movie may have the longest title in gaming history. King Kong was one of those games that was pretty much available on anything that was capable of playing a video game. To be honest, all of them are good, but the Xbox 360 version is something truly special. Released in 2005, King Kong was one of the early games that showcased just how much more power your Xbox 360 had over your Xbox or PS2.

It is a really fun first person game that sees you go up against dinosaurs, big bugs and all other kinds of nastiness. This is a blast to play and just when you think you have the game figured out, it lets you play as King Kong. The King Kong sections are not quite as good, but it is still fun to play. 

Scarface The World Is Yours

Xbox, PlayStation 2

Here we have a game based on a movie that was over two decades old released for consoles that were already being pushed to the side by their successors. It had all the makings for a quick cash grab, but Scarface The World Is Yours is a truly fantastic game and one that is far better than people give it credit for. 

You get to play as Tony Montana and the game is actually a sequel to the movie (so they changed the ending to the movie). Tony wants his empire back and he will fill the streets with blood to get it! It is a very GTA inspired game, but it is still a lot of fun to play. The story is absolutely fantastic and it has some excellent voice acting. There was an updated version released for the Wii around a year later, but I have not had the pleasure of playing that version. 

Batman Returns 

Super Nintendo, Sega CD

Ok, I am cheating here as these are two games, but with the same name. The SNES version of Batman Returns is a side scrolling beat em up that was made by Konami. While it was made by Konami it is heavily influenced by Capcom’s Final Fights. If you look at a list of best Batman games this one is sure to be on it. It is a lot of fun to play and the combat is very satisfying as Batman puts a real beating on people.

Batman Returns on the Sega CD was put out by Sega themselves and is one of the best games for the Sega CD. It has the same kind of side-scrolling stages as the Sega Genesis and these are a lot of fun. However, there are these awesome stages where you control the Batmobile that were a lot of fun and look fantastic .

The Thing

PlayStation 2, Xbox

Released in 2002 and put out by Konami of all people. The Thing seemed a really weird movie to make a game about. The 80’s sci-fi/horror hit was followed up with this game that is kind of a sequel. Graphically it was very impressive for the time and it was actually pretty scary and there were many moments when you did not know who you could trust. 

In many ways, The Thing feels like a cross between Silent Hill and Resident Evil and that is a good thing. Not many games were made like this back in 2002 so it really stood out from the crowd. Sadly it has been forgotten about, but use that to your advantage as this can be picked up dirt cheap.

X-Men Origins Wolverine: Uncaged Edition

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

While the movie may not have been all that great the video game that came along with it certainly was. Now, this is only true if you play the Uncaged Edition that was on PS3 and 360. This version is rated M as it is super violent and full of blood! That is not an exaggeration either, Wolverine in this game is one hell of a badass.

It is a 3rd person action game, but it is just so much fun to play. The developers did a great job in bringing Wolverine’s chaotic fighting style to life and you can latterly slice peoples limbs off. Even Logan is not immune to damage and he will be all cut up and bloodied after a battle. X-Men Origins Wolverine is a really fun game and one of the best superhero games of that generation. 

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