7 Best Resident Evil Games

7 Best Resident Evil Games

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is just a few weeks away and I could not be any more excited about it. I am a huge fan of the series and today I am sharing with you what my favorite games are and what version of that game I feel is the best.

Resident Evil 4

Best Version: Xbox 360

I own every version of Resident Evil 4 that has been released! It is by far my favorite video game of all time! That is how much I love it! This took the series in a more action direction that some did not like. I did though! It is a fantastic game that still holds up incredibly well to this day. The Xbox 360 version is my favorite. It has the best graphics and it plays great. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are let down by some horribly grainy and pixilated cutscenes.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Best Version: PlayStation 2

I played the hell out of this on the Dreamcast, but I was very excited when it was released on the PS2 with some extra content. This is one of the hardest games in the series, but that is one of the things I really liked about it. It is very story driven and features some really cool boss battles. Some might say that the HD versions for the PS3 and 360 are the way to go. However, I have a real soft spot for the PlayStation 2 version so I like that one the best. GameCube is a close second, but it does require you to change discs.

Resident Evil 2

Best Version: Nintendo GameCube

Resident Evil 2 is a game that I own nearly every version of. It was the game that made me fall in love with the series and it is a game I feel still holds up very well to this day. With two different scenarios to play through you have a lot of action at your hands here. What makes me like the GameCube version best is that I feel it has the best of what the PS2 and Dreamcast offered before it. I also want to give special mention to the phenomenal Nintendo 64 version which I would put at a close second.

Resident Evil VII

Best Version: PlayStation 4

I knew that Capcom was taking Resident Evil VII back to its horror roots with Resident Evil VII. Yet I was not prepared for how terrifying this game was. The new story, the new first person perspective and being hunted down by a deranged family made this game a riot from start to finish. What I feel make the PlayStation 4 version the best out of the bunch is the way that you can play the game with the PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 3

Best Version: Nintendo GameCube

While I could not have been any more into Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 on the other hand never quite got me going the same way. I played the game on the original PlayStation and liked it, but it was not until many years later when I replayed the game on the Nintendo GameCube that I realized how cool it was. To be honest with you there is not much in it between the Dreamcast and GameCube versions for me, it is just my Dreamcast sounds like a jet engine when it plays this game! Of course, constantly being hunted down by that mean SOB Nemesis is what is most memorable about this game.

Resident Evil Revelations

Best Version: Nintendo Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations is a game I had a lot of fun with. I even bought the special edition for the 3DS so I could get that stupid circle pad pro thing! This was more of a throwback to the older Resident Evil games and I loved how it was done in a style that was like a TV show. It was the Wii U version of the game that I really enjoyed. I thought that the game made great use of the Wii U GamePad and it came in handier than you would think. This is one of the more underrated games from the whole franchise if you ask me.

Resident Evil Dead Aim

Best Version: PlayStation 2

Some raised eyebrows that this had made my list I am sure. However, I loved and still do love this game! I know that it is not perfect, but I feel it is one of the most interesting games in the entire franchise. Set on board a massive ship, this is a side game that is part 3rd person and part first person shooter. You can play this with a light gun and if you can I highly recommend that you do it as it is a lot of fun. I know that this is not to everyone’s taste, but I feel it is one of the best side games in the series and it is a damn shame it never got ported to another system.

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