7 Best Batman Games

7 Best Batman Games

I have been a lifelong fan of the caped crusader. Like many people who were born in the 80s, it was Tim Burton and Michael Keaton that made me fall in love with the Dark Knight. As well as loving the movies, animated series, comic books, and toys. I have also played a ton of Batman video games over the years and these are my 7 favorites.

To make this a varied list I have decided to only use one of the Arkham games. In all honesty, all four should have been on this list, but where is the fun in that?



There were a ton of Batman games made that were based on the original 1989 Batman movie. While most people talk about the NES game, I had a friend who had an Amiga and I was amazed by the Amiga version of Batman. This is a fun platform action game that features awesome graphics and tough as nails gameplay. I do not think it is as good as the NES game, but it is still a game I really enjoyed.

Batman Returns

Super Nintendo

Batman Returns was made by Konami and it is like the Batman version of their Simpsons, Turtles and Bucky o Hare arcade games. Batman kicks some major butt in this game and the way you can just slam enemies into the walls and the floors is really cool. the game has great graphics, it is a lot of fun to play and it is one of the best beat em ups on the SNES. I just wish that it had a two player mode!

Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu

PlayStation 2

This is not a perfect game, but it is a fun game that I had a really great time with. It is a 3D action game and in many ways, it plays like a 3D version of a game like Streets of Rage. You can play as Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing. The game has some great cell shaded graphics and the villain, Sin Tzu is actually pretty cool and interesting. This is one of the most underrated Batman games on the list.

Batman Arkham Knight

PlayStation 4

It was a real tough choice between this and Arkham City as those are my two favorite games in the series. This one was more of the same. It had much improved graphics and it allowed you to drive the Batmobile which was way more fun than anyone could have imagined. With a great story, a ton of side missions and some really hard Riddler trophies, Batman Arkham Knight is a game that keeps you very busy.



The original Batman game on the NES is a true classic and one of the best on the console. Sure it is so cliché to have this on a list of best Batman games, but dammit this is Sunsoft at their very best. With great visuals, a thumping soundtrack and some of the toughest platforming on the console. Batman on NES is one of the caped crusaders most fun, challenging and memorable adventures.

Batman Returns

Sega CD

I would say that the core game is not quite as good as the Batman Returns that is on the SNES. However, there is one reason as to why this has made my list and that is the Batmobile sections. These showcased how much horsepower the Sega CD had and as a result, Batman Returns is one of the more memorable games on the Sega CD. The main game is not bad either so this is one of the better games on the console.

Batman Begins

PlayStation 2

Here we have a very overlooked game, Batman Begins. This is the game that came out before the Arkham series and it is actually a fantastic movie tie in game. It is a very well made game and it follows the movie pretty well. One of the coolest things about it is that it has a real emphasis on “fear” and the way you scare the heck out of the bad guys is really cool. This can be found for dirt cheap and it is well worth tracking down and playing through.

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