7 Games That Will Get You In The Christmas SpiriT

7 Games That Will Get You In The Christmas SpiriT

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is just a few weeks away and today I am sharing with you games that always get me in the Christmas spirit. Some of these games are based around Christmas and some just get you in the spirit for one reason or another. No matter what if you want some festive gaming, here are 7 games that always get me in the holiday mood.

Diddy Kong Racing

Nintendo 64

The first game that always gives me the holiday feels is Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. This is a fantastic racer and for me the best racing game on the Nintendo 64, yes it is even better than Mario Kart 64! One of the worlds in Diddy Kong Racing is Snowflake Mountain and while this whole area is not really Christmas themed. There is one level that always gives me those Christmas feelings and that is Frosty Village. With its Christmas village style and that amazing music it always gets me ready for Christmas.

Donkey Kong Country

Super Nintendo

Next up we have Donkey Kong Country. I got this for my birthday the year it came out in November. I was playing this in December, maybe a week before Christmas and I was on the Gorilla Glacier section of the game. These levels are filled with snow, but there is one level, in particular, Ice Age Alley where the snow just gets worse and worse as you play through it. It just so happened that there was a snowstorm outside while I was playing this which helped add to the magic of it.

Home Alone

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Look Home Alone on the SNES sucks! The Sega Mega Drive version though is not bad at all. If you have seen the movie then you know the deal, Kevin is left home alone during the holidays and he needs to prevent the crooks from robbing the houses in the neighborhood. You can go to different houses in the neighborhood and the whole neighborhood and all the houses are decked out in Christmas decorations and the music is very Christmas themed so it really does get you in the holiday spirit. Plus in all honesty, this is not a bad game at all.

Batman Returns

Super Nintendo

I love the Batman Returns movie and it is set at Christmas time. The SNES version of Batman Returns is one of the best scrolling beat-em-ups on the console and the game, like the movie is set at Christmas. The first level in particular in Gotham Plaza has a real Christmas feel about it. There are people wearing winter clothes, giant presents and the whole level has a Christmas feel. There is nothing to get you in the spirit more than slamming clown thugs into the wall.

The Grinch

Sega Dreamcast

I know what you are thinking! However, the Dreamcast version of The Grinch is not the worst 3rd person platform/adventure game I have ever played. Based on the movie with Jim Carrey, the idea is you as the Grinch as sick of the Whos and want to put a stop to their holiday celebrations. It is not the best game in the world, but for some reason, the last decade has seen me fire this up and play it each year. It can be picked up dirt cheap and while also on PlayStation, Dreamcast is the way to go.

James Pond II

Sega Mega Drive

I do not know about the rest of the world, but here in the UK, James Pond is a pretty big deal. James Pond II was released on many different platforms, but I experienced it on the Sega Mega Drive. The first level is set in Santa’s Toy Factory and the whole game has a Christmas feel to it. It is actually a really fun game and the fact it is actually set during the Christmas period makes it the perfect game to get you in the holiday mood. Plus I am not sure how popular this was outside of the UK so it could be brand new to many of you guys.

Christmas Nights Into Dreams

Sega Saturn

Here is a game that I did not actually get the chance to play until a few years back, Christmas Nights Into Dreams. Full disclosure here, I did not really care for Nights when I first played it, but over the years I have appreciated it. This is a special Christmas version of the game that was given away with a magazine. Sega went all out with this and the whole level is caked in Christmas goodness as is the soundtrack. It may be a little over the top, but for me, Christmas should be over the top.

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