7 Features I Want In WWE 2K20

7 Features I Want In WWE 2K20

As I write this the 32nd WWE Royal Rumble has just ended and during the show, they had a promo for last year’s WWE 2K19. One thing is for sure each year in the world of gaming and that is each October we can expect a new WWE game. This year will no doubt be WWE 2K20 and here are some things that I would like the folks at Yukes and 2K to do.


I have really liked the Showcase mode since it was introduced quite a few games back. WWE 2K19 brought that mode back, letting you play as Daniel Bryan. This mode is a lot of fun letting you relive classic moments and making you have to do certain things in each match. The problem is the AI is very cheap in this mode which is made all the worse by the fact there are no checkpoints! Some matches can last like 20 minutes and have multiple objectives. If you fail right at the end then you have to do the whole match from the beginning.

Monday Night War Mode

The WWE games love to look to the past for inspiration and I think that having a mode based on the Monday Night Wars would be awesome. The WWE games used to have a mode called GM Mode. I think bringing this mode back and letting you take charge of WWE or WCW would be awesome. Just imagine having to try to sign wrestlers, budget the books, come up with interesting storylines and so on. I think this mode could be just as in depth and as much fun the career mode in a game like Fifa.

Better Presentation

For every character that the 2K games nail there are another five that look terrible. For over a decade the WWE games have been horribly uneven when it comes to their presentation. Yukes have been the studio that has developed these games for years and for the better part of two decades they still cannot make title belts and long hair look good. I would love to see a complete overhaul of the presentation in this year’s game, but I feel that is far too much to ask.

Fair DLC

I swear there is no community that actively wants to throw money at a publisher more than the WWE one! I though think that their DLC practices are very unfair and that having character as DLC who are part of the WWE or even NXT before WrestleMania as DLC is very unfair. I think that the DLC needs to offer more bang for your buck, especially when most of the time the community creations has better looking characters than the ones Yukes themselves make.

Better Reliability

The WWE games have a mode called Universe. This is a lot of fun where you take charge of the WWE and put on your own shows, have your own rosters and so on. Some people love to get super in depth with this mode and I do too…… Well, I used to! WWE 2K19 put me over the edge by constantly messing with my Universe mode. It would change things that I did not want to be changed and worst of all my save file got messed up multiple times. I really want them to do some work under the hood and make Universe mode more stable and actually playable as this is a mode I would sink tons of hours into if it worked better.

New Commentary

Want to know what one of the first things I do each year with the WWE 2K games? I go into the options and turn the play by play commentary all the way down. I do not think there is a worse sports game when it comes to commentary than the WWE ones. It is truly horrible and can instantly take you out of a match when you hear something dumb or the same thing for like the fifth time in a match!

A New Developer

Controversial one I know, but Yukes have had the WWE reigns for nearly 20 years and they have moved on very little in that time. I know that having just one year to make a game has to be tough, but I would love it if 2K got another developer on board and let each team have two years to make a game. That way we get a new WWE game each year, but each one gets a two year development time instead of one.

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