7 Classic Mini Consoles We Need

7 Classic Mini Consoles We Need

We have had the NES Classic, SNES Classic, Neo-Geo Classic and just recently the PlayStation Classic. We know that next year we have the Sega Genesis Classic to look forward to, but I think this classic console craze is far from over. Here are 7 classic retro consoles I feel we need to have in our collections!

Nintendo Game Boy Classic

Ok, so they would probably not make this “classic” however something the size of the Game Boy Pocket would be perfect. This could be the biggest retro classic console ever made! If they included Pokémon Red, Blue, Super Mario Land, Links Awakening, Tetris and Donkey Kong that alone would be enough to get people to flip out and buy this thing. A nice LCD screen would be great and a long battery life would also be something I would like to see. If Nintendo could get this out for 50 – 70 bucks they would not be able to keep them on store shelves.

Sega Ultimate Classic

Ok so we have the Genesis Classic coming next year, but I am thinking beyond that. Sega should stop messing around and give us an all on one classic console that contains Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X games. They could have 5 to 6 games for each system and it would be awesome. Of course the price of something like this would be rather high, however, I think having one device that contains all of Sega’s 8 and 16-bit history would be great. Although I think they could maybe cut the Master System out of this one and it would perhaps be better.

PlayStation 2 Classic

I think this and the Game Boy Classic would be the biggest hits. The PlayStation 2 is the biggest selling games console of all time for a reason! If Sony could actually do this they would make so much money! Of course, the size of a PS2 game could be an issue, but hard drives and storage space, in general, is very, very cheap these days. The PlayStation 2 has one of the best game libraries in history, especially first party games so it would be amazing to see what Sony could do with something like this.

Game Boy Advance Classic

You could have said that I perhaps should have included this with the Game Boy Classic, but I would like these as separate devices. The Game Boy Advance was an incredible little hand held device. Not only was it like you had a supped up Super Nintendo in your pocket, but the game library was also phenomenal. Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong and much more all had great games on the Game Boy Advance.

Sega Dreamcast Classic

I love the Dreamcast and while it came and died far too soon. It is a console that is a bit of a folk hero with many gamers. Sega did some of their best work on the Sega Dreamcast and it would be great to see it come back. Dreamcast games have aged a lot better than PlayStation 1 games so I see this as something that could actually happen. Of course, while us Dreamcast fans are loud about how great the console was and is. This one may struggle to catch on with the casual gamers and the general public.

Neo-Geo Classic

Yes, we have that little Neo-Geo Classic Arcade and from what I have heard it is pretty neat. Really though I would much rather a full console that just plugs into my TV. They nearly got there with the Neo-Geo X that was released a few years back, but the emulation on that thing was horrible. I feel that if they took what they have learned from the Neo-Geo Classic and the Neo-Geo X and combined them that we could have the ultimate Neo-Geo plug and play system.

Nintendo 64 Classic

This had to be on the list and I actually cannot believe this is not a thing yet! Nintendo has said that there are no immediate plans to make a Nintendo 64 Classic Classic, buy many people, myself included think this could be a swerve by Nintendo. Nintendo may not have been the first to make a plug and play retro system, but they have sure as heck set the tone for how you do it. Come on Nintendo, stop messing around and make this happen!

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