2K Announce WWE 2K19

2K Announce WWE 2K19

I am a lifelong wrestling fan and WrestleMania Challenge was actually the driving force for me wanting an NES as a kid and WWF SuperStars was the game that made me save up like a maniac for a Game Boy! So wrestling and video games are two things that go hand in hand for me.

2K a few days ago announced WWE 2K19 and that it would be out later this year….. ok so it is not a huge announcement as there has now been a WWE/F game released every single year since 1998! So at this point, it would be like EA coming out and saying “hey everyone, we are making a new Fifa game this year”

I was excited when 2K got the WWE license a few years back, but the last two games, WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18 have left a lot to be desired. Each game lacks a traditional single player mode, something many fans have not been happy with. 

Why can’t I pick any wrestler I want and try and win the WWE Championship? It really is not a lot to ask and something WWE games have been doing since their inception. Instead, we get Universe Mode which is great for some people, but for others, it is nothing more than a series of lots and lots of little things you have to do, which have no payoff. If you like to micromanage things and feel like you are Vince McMahon, then great. However, I find the mode boring and actually GM Mode which was part of the yearly WWE games around a decade ago, let you be the guy in charge, but it actually made a game out of it. Nothing in WWE Universe Mode matters!

Then we have My Career, 2K did a great job with this in their NBA series, but in the WWE games, it has been terrible…… absolutely terrible. I legit do not know one person who actually likes what 2K has done with this mode. Forcing you to play as a created wrestler is never fun. 

I for one really hope that we get some kind of Showcase Mode back. It last appeared in WWE 2K16, before 2K took it out and then expected us to pay for it as DLC the following year. I also feel that some kind of arcade mode where you can pick a wrestler and the title you want to win would be a lot of fun too.

I have never been more skeptical about the annual WWE game than I am this year. 2K is really going to have to do a lot in order to wow me. I have thought for a while now that the WWE games would benefit from a two developer system where each team gets two years to work on a game, the games get more time, but the WWE still gets to make money by having a game out each year. 

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